Requirements and installation

You need Java 1.6 or later installed on your computer to run AlphaCell. If this is not the case, you shall install the latest version following the instructions given on Java web site before going any further.

Locate the .jar or .exe file which was provided to you. Place in the same folder the compulsory associated files, namely:

In addition, you may also have the following optional files in the same folder:

If you do not have the .db file, AlphaCell will create one with your first simulation.

The use of the other files is explained in the Full User’s Guide.

Prepare a simulation

First, enter your Name and Password.
Second, enter a name in the empty field to Create a new project; or select an existing one and Load it (see screenshots in figure 1).

Run a simulation

Your screen is mainly occupied by the graph area, on top of which lie a schematic tube and a material shelf (see Fig. 2).

Figure 2: Compose your (multi-layer) system: drag & drop your layer(s), select the sound field.

If your database already contains some materials, they shall appear on the material shelf. Otherwise, click on the Parameters button to design a new one (see Fig. 3).

Insert the layer(s) inside the tube using drag & drop motions from Material shelf to the tube area. Modify the order of the layers similarly if necessary.
If needed, advanced tunings are available in the left panel shown in Fig. 3:

Save the results

To save the simulation results, click on the icon as indicated in Fig. 4. Results are saved for the last simulation performed as double precision, in a tabulated format, with .rok extension (see Fig. 5). The variables are organised in different columns, the headers of which are self explanatory.

Figure 5: Format of the recorded results.

Create a PDF report

Click on the dedicated icon (see Fig. 3). Enter appropriate Report name, add useful Project description and select from the following the informations that you would like to appear in your report (see Fig. 6). Click on the Generate button to produce a customised two-page PDF report.