Description / Features

Based on an intuitive inteface, AlphaCell features a database of materials, a project management for simulations, a customizable PDF report generation of the simulations, a data export/import for FFT/Actran and MSCSoftware/Nastran formats.

State-of-the-art models are available to describe the behavior of the following materials : solid materials, visco-elastic materials, poro-elastic materials, perforated plates and fabrics, heterogeneous materials (incl. materials with inclusions).

Check all AlphaCell features on this page or read our PDF brochure to learn more.

On-line demo version

To run the AlphaCell demo version, you need to reduce, temporarily, Java's security level to "medium" (look in your "Preference" panel) and to accept an "unrestricted access" to your computer. This access is required for AlphaCell to create a small database file "alphacell.adb" in a temporary directory of your computer. When application is started, select project "Demo 1" and click "Load".

Quick start

We have also written a 2-page quick-start for people in a hurry. Download the PDF version of this guide or view it online.

Video tutorials

A Transmission Loss example

Example use of the studs in transmission loss

Example use of the "composite" tool

Validation booklet

To check the robustness of our software, we have compared the results obtained with AlphaCell to various experimental, theoretical or numerical results found in the scientific literature. These comparisons are available in a PDF booklet

Altair Partner Alliance

AlphaCell is also available through the Altair Partner Alliance